Hooka Hey - Untamed

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The Village Voice (New York show preview)
“Digging deep with classic-sounding grooves redolent of Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age, Hooka Hey could be the bastard son of Jack White and an Eighties Sunset Strip band: a great spirit of soul-blues meshed with a cranked-up sleazy sex 'n' booze vibe. Hooka Hey make music to drink whiskey by.”

Culture Collide (Exclusive EP premiere)
“It is a layered, dangerous ride hinting at Eastern mysticism and crazy, seductive Creole voodoo.(...) Their work is urgent and unrelenting, possessing a musical confidence even early in the game. (...) And like any burning passion, they will leave you wanting more”

Diffuser (Exclusive track premiere)
“With a steadfast focus on straight-forward and unadulterated rock and roll, we’re excited to watch Hooka Hey rise to the top of fans’ radars”

KUTX - Austin Music Minute
“There’s a reverence here for the kind of serious rockin’out that leaves you sweaty, grimy and wanting more.”

KUTX – Austin Music Minute II
“It’s a band truly dedicated to genuine rock that gets you working up a sweat.”

Elmore Magazine (US)
“Hooka Hey makes music with an attitude that mixes a bit of each slogan, creating strange, exciting new sounds that are hard to categorize, but addicting to listen to. “Untamed” is a vampy, slow-burning track, oozing with a dark and seductive charm.”

Drunken Werewolf
“They’re making this kind of music with a level of talent and flair that very few bands have managed in recent years. Untamed - is drenched in masterful musicianship. It screams of all the things that you would expect to hear in a smoky bar nestled in the darkest bosom of the American south”

New Noise Magazine (Exclusive video premiere)
“The track is soaked in blues and mysterious seduction”

For Us Not Them (US)
“This is not the kind of music you bring home to meet your parents. This is the music you pull out your dirty dancing moves for.”

Pen’s Eye View (US)
“You’ve heard the phrase, “Keep Austin Weird” – “Transylvanian Voodoo” masters Hooka Hey, are keeping the Texas City friggin’ awesome. This music a difficult soul/blues/rock blend to describe, but it certainly contains some tribal grooves, some spooky tones, and some mid-Eastern licks.”

Raw Ramp (US)
“Shaken and dangerously harmful blues-rock with more heat and tears than a smoky Southern barbecue”

Cut From Steel (US)
“Hooka Hey plays the type of rock music that never goes out of style. Fast, aggressive, and sort of grimy”

Deep In The Music (US)
“A pretty hot straight burning punky classic rock tune with hints of psych and trippiness”

Tour Worthy (US)
“Hooka Hey gets right what most in their genre get wrong–craft structurally sound songs, then add distortion, thick vox affectation, sludgy bass, and not the other way around as in the case of others.”

The Soda Shop (US)
"Fast and fuzzy guitars and a catchy bass round off this great EP. Little Things is a cool EP and a great representation of what the future may hold for this band."

W Fenec (FR)
"... Something like 12 minutes to prove themselves. Well… It doesn't seem like they needed longer."

Sonic Abuse (UK)
"This is a beautiful introduction into the world of Hooka hey and if you're a fan of unconventional, blazing rock 'n' roll with balls and attitude by the skip-full then you owe it to yourself to check this out. (…) make sure that Hooka Hey are on your 'ones to watch' list because on this evidence their album is going to rule."

Stoner Hive (NL)
Rating: *****
"So let's hope their full-sized record appears quickly; cause we have an appetite for a wild and thrilling night…"

Musik Reviews (Ger)
…the rough rock n' roll with style is the real job of Hooka Hey.

Legacy Magazine, issue #76 (Ger)
"If you're into Indie music with a feeling of sweat."

Terapija.net (Croatia)
"Powerful guitars and pleasant, slightly raspy vocals; Hugo and the crazy rhythm of these three songs are interesting even to those who would not listen to every day of such music."