June 15, 2020

Who is qualified for availing for a business loan?

By admin

Business loans are the sum of money borrowed by a person in order to get financial help either for the commencement of new business or to expand the existing market. These business loans are beneficial in times of crisis when the owner does not have any savings left for fulfilling his basic business needs, such as paying wages and salaries to workers, purchasing new stock and payment of electricity bills and rent, etc. Financial institutions or commercial banks grant business loans to small scale businesses and large-scale businesses.

What points to consider if you are availing a business loan for the first time?

  1. Credit score: If you are a beginner in doing any business start-up, then your credit score will be assumed and treated as your business credit score until three years. You have to manage a file of all your credit history with the help of an accountant. If you find any default transaction in your previous records, then you need to write a letter to the agency to fix that error. A credit score rating of more than 700 is believed to be satisfactory by the lending companies, and it also enhances the chance of getting a loan by 50%.
  2. Borrowing options: Apart from commercial banks, there are several non-banking resorts available for availing loans such as a credit union. Many business loan officers serving in the credit union might assist you with the formalities required to fulfill for availing small business loans. You also need to get a loan application prepared for that.
  3. Business plan: Before you apply for any business loan with any lending company, you must have a clear vision of what kind of business to start. Along with knowledge, it is also the responsibility of the borrower to mention all his business plans and details to the respected loan-granting company. Unlike personal loans, the lender has the right to know where the money will be going. For this, you are suggested to make an appealing presentation and blueprint of your business plan, including graphs, charts, and spreadsheets. Your loan officer might help you with these tasks.

The final words: Before applying for any business loan, an experienced loan officer is recommended to select after doing individual verifications of the non-commercial entities as well as commercial banks, to keep you safe from financial malpractices in the market.